"Nothing just happens in politics. If something happens you can be sure it was planned that way."
—Franklin D. Roosevelt

103,000 McBride votes discovered..keep looking, the fix-was-in (NOT ONLY IN FLORIDA!

Big surprise-the Florida election's fixed again.

It's all about getting rid of jeb bush

Jeb Bush praises McBride in Ad

Bill McBride War Hero

Republicans Attempt to Stop Minority Voters at the Polls

Bush's & GOP on neo-nazi, rightwing mission?

McBride surges in Polls

National labor leader criticizes
Gov. Bush on Enron, state job cuts

Don't forget what Jeb has done

McBride & Bush race-dead heat

Cutting the Medically Needy program hurts the working poor

Environmental groups assail Jeb Bush

Laws weren't made for the Bush's

Noelle Bush and convervative media biasa

Gov. Bush needs to grow up and fast!

The Bush's Bloody Pals

Jeb -" thy neighbor

White House election gurus: Jeb, you're vulnerable

GOP up to usual tricks?

Panel appointed to protect Jeb not Florida children

Get involved: Vote, demand action

We're Buying Shame With Our Cuba Policy

Justice Dept. Urged To Widen Fla. Probe

Opinion: Jeb's on the wrong page

Leon County, Fla., Settles Lawsuit Over 2000

Henderson Denies Working As Agent

Jeb's ads: A+ for fraud

Budget deal ignores Florida's needs

Setting of Bush education TV ad gives ammunition to his critics

The Bush-Florida-Cuba connection

Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, created a phony list of convicted felons--

More and more Bush administration scandals

Minorities' scores only look better

Gov. Bush rapped on education issue

Governor's nose keeps growing with local control


School code mugged as Gov. Bush stands by

Letter to katherine harris.

Chamber study concludes Florida's schools falling behind

Jeb's antipathy to public schools is inherited

It's education, stupid.

Florida Fiasco

Corporate money spigot does not gush as much for Democrats party

Jeb Bush is to Florida as Ken Lay is to Enron

Legislature: Lawmakers school code to allows guns locked in cars

Dear, Dear MotherNature

Florida black water's

Teachers blast Jeb's education record

Democrats are the champions of minority entrepreneurs.

Just whose state is it anyway?

McBride supporters 'spammed' by e-mail for Gov. Bush

Ties between Jeb and Enron explored further.

The Latest Crime of the Stolen Election

Time to tell truth about gulf war

Bush Scandals

Bush Administration Rolls Back Rules Protecting Private Medical Records

DADE map gives clout to GOP

The Republican-dominated Florida Legislature cleared a
congressional redistricting plan in GOP favor

Senate Democrats offer more for education, health-budget plan

Florida surplus handed to big business; Seniors get
screwed-drug promises

Gov. Jeb's claim that his Talented 20 program

Florida Sunshine, open records laws strong, enemies many

Public business must be done in public eye

U.S. fraud suit targets ex-partner of Jeb Bush

Director's past connects TECO, Enron

Enron is a values scandal; a conservative values scandal.


Candidates blast Jeb

Stop wasting our ocean fish.

Sinking ship of fools

Judge Decides K. Harris Will Face Lawsuit

Enron role in florida policies

Jeb's E-Mail, Phone, Show Enron Contact

Enron collapse stirs echoes of '80s savings and
loan woes

POLL: Majority associate GOP with Enron

Democrat's WON "BIG-TIME"

The Four Lies Concerning Social Security

Site republicans hate

(Jeb)ties to lawyers in Enron suit questioned

Bush's Lied, "drilling FLA"

Florida: Senate Budget Cuts

Gov. Jeb's claim that his Talented 20 program

Not That It Was Reported, but Gore Won

FLA: Groucho Ruled Freedonia With More Grace

Jeb told us so "Yep"

Governor seeks Health care cuts for poor.

Education bill has odd beneficiaries

The United States of Oil

Jeb's "Voodoo Economics"

Sleazy enough yet?

Protesters greet Gov. Bush at Bunnell.

WANTED: "An enemy"

The person to blame for this sad state

Bankrupt in Tallahassee

Voting Reform; Dead On Arrival in FLA"

Why (Admin.) Won't let go..

Gov. Bush backs away from promise to save manatees

Articles Miami's Cuban heels

Bush is no environmental defender

Chairman's Letter to Gov. Jeb Bush

Ashcroft accused of double standard

Jeb using Bros'-Fuzzy Math; FLA's Budget Crisis.


Oil & Gas Contributions to Republicans & Democrats
Long-Term Contribution Trends

Sleazy   Enough   for   You

Bush Scandals, Quotes, and Links