for Florida Governor 2002!

Janet Reno has entered the Florida Governor's Race 2002!

MIAMI (AP) - Former Attorney General Janet Reno entered the race for governor Tuesday, saying Florida voters want a leader who's not afraid of making tough decisions. Reno spoke to reporters outside her southwest Miami-Dade County home after opening a campaign fund in Tallahassee for her bid for the Democratic nomination. ``I've spent the last three months talking to people all across Florida, and I think they share my vision for Florida - building the best educational system in the country, preserving our environment, managing our growth and standing up for our elders,'' she said. Reno said Floridians want a governor ``who's not afraid to make the hard decision, to stand up for those decisions.''
``I have decided I can best serve the people of the state of Florida by seeking the office of governor,'' Reno said.
Tuesday, September 4, 1:12 PM ET /
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Janet Reno is an impelling attorney. She was the first woman to serve as a state attorney in Florida. Ms. Reno achieved a distinguished record while serving in Dade County, Florida. She worked against riots and escalating drug-related crime in Miami (1980's).

Ms. Reno was sworn into the office of U.S. Attorney General, on March 12, 1993. She served until 2001; making her the first appointed female, and longest serving attorney general, in the 20th century.

In nominating Janet Reno, to become the nation's 78th Attorney General, President Clinton emphasized her integrity: "she's demonstrated throughout her career a commitment to principles that I want to see enshrined in the Justice Department- that no one is above the law."

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Ms. Reno was responsible for the FBI, U.S. Marshals, and U.S. Federal Courts attorneys. She directed her office during eight years of declining crime, and drug-use rates.

Ms. Reno Faced Many Controversial Decisions:  Elian and Waco, Texas

Four Lies Concerning
Social Security

"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power, to a point, where it becomes stronger than their democratic state. That, in its essence, is fascism ~ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power."

~Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"I will work to end racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination/discord in America, by enforcing the laws to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans."
Janet Reno.

[Times photo: Carrie Pratt]

Janet Reno is an Outstanding Woman!

Ms. Reno worked her way through Cornell University and Harvard Law School. (She was one of only 16 women in a class of 500 students).

A woman in a male dominated field (despite her education) Ms. Reno found it difficult to find work in her profession. In response, she went into the field of criminal justice. [Note: One of Miami's largest law firms denied her a position because she was a woman. Fourteen years later, the same firm made her a partner].

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