Governor Jeb Bush's friends, donors benefit in the end!

Governor's friends, donors benefit
Martha R. Murphy
boca raton

November 25, 2001, Sun-Sentinel

Gov. Jeb Bush must be put on notice of the harm that will occur as a result of his recent actions, which have made his rich friends and large contributors happy and more wealthy through use of exemptions to sales taxes. Furthermore, the governor's questionable budget-cutting decisions, which further reduce available funding during an economic downturn, make one wonder: What happens to the public schools, which must hire more qualified teachers and students who need more up-to-date textbooks? What about the cuts in funding of juvenile facilities for those at-risk youth and runaways? Who pays in the long run?

Recent history has proven that supply-side economics just does not work. Reducing taxes and allowing "special benefits" will not encourage economic/business growth. Why continue to beat a dead horse? Get with it, Jeb. Let's close those gross tax giveaways and redirect some needed dollars toward the betterment of our schools, juvenile programs, substance abuse, et al.

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