Donate Tax Return's to Get Rid of Jeb!

Use of tax rebate to beat Jeb suggested Syndicated newspaper columnist Ellen Goodman has suggested critics of George W. Bush's $1.3 trillion tax cut could use their checks to foster social change: Help the homeless.

Staunch Broward Democrat John Coleman has another idea: Use it to toss George W. Bush's younger brother out of Florida's governor's mansion.

President of the Hollywood Democratic Club, Coleman suggested in a recent club newsletter that a separate ``defeat JEB in '02'' account be established for Dems to donate their rebate checks. Proceeds would be used in a campaign to unseat the Republican governor.

``The way to eliminate George Bush is to eliminate Jeb Bush,'' Coleman said. ``This is a Bush tax cut, we ought to use it to cut the Bushes.''

--Miami Herald -LESLEY CLARK