Janet's Back Watch Out

Christopher Ruddy, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2001
Janet Reno for governor of Florida.
Laugh at your own risk!

Yes, she is running, and will most certainly win the Democratic primary. She also has a good shot at beating Jeb Bush.

Reno starts off in a strong position. Great name recognition, easy ability to raise funds. For Democrats of the Clinton mold, she is a star.

When she gets the nomination she will have additional assets.

Reno will pull very strong support from seniors, Jews and African-Americans all big voting blocs in Florida.

Still, those blocs are not enough to put her over the top.

The key determinant for next year's Florida governor's race will be the economy.

If it continues flat or heads into a full-blown recession, as it may, Reno and her Democratic spinmeisters (read: Carville) will make the election a referendum on George Bush. They'll say, "What better way to send a message to President Bush dump his brother!"

Reno will also reach into her purse and pull out the scare card.

Democrats are good at that. She'll talk a lot about how Bush is threatening Social Security, and get Ed Asner on board to call every senior with a special message via voice recording.

Of course, the governor of Florida has nothing to do with Social Security, but that won't stop her from turning it into an issue.

Gore made Social Security an issue and came from 15 points behind to almost win the state.

Add to the mix the fact that Reno has enjoyed tremendous support from national and local media. The editorial folks at the Miami Herald look at her the way Catholics look at Mother Teresa.

Mark my words: There will be little talk about Waco, Elian, Chinagate, any Clinton scandal, or whether, with advanced Parkinon's, Reno is really up to the job. No, the media focus will be on Bush and Bush, Jeb and George.

The Democrats want badly to win Florida. It's a state they may need to win to take back the White House in 2004.

But more than that, a Democratic win will be more proof that the Florida election was stolen by the Republicans and voters' rejection of Jeb will be trumpeted as proof.

Remember how we all laughed when we first heard of Sen. Hillary?

Well, now Hillary is in the Senate eyeing the presidency, and Janet Reno, the most corrupt and politicized attorney general in history, is running for governor of Florida. Don't laugh. Janet's back.

Janet Reno for Governor