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"Why I Created this Website for Janet Reno"

I was doing personal research concerning the Florida Governor's election in 2002; it was difficult, trying to find unbiased-general information concerning Janet Reno. I wanted to know the person behind the candidate; her experiences, her qualifications, and especially her previous accomplishments. (Never mind the "words" of a politician, just watch their actions).

It took "many" hours of researching news articles, web sites, links, and search engines to find information. After putting it all together, I was impressed with her accomplishments. Throughout, her career, her legal experience and commitment to public service have been admirable (to say the least). I am sharing most of the information with people, like myself, looking for information about Janet Reno.

If I could- I would donate thousands of dollars to her campaign, but I don't have the money. A website is my way of letting Ms. Reno know; there are people willing to help her, to help Florida. It isn't professional; it just comes from the heart.

Concerning Elián González and Davidian Cult in Waco, Texas:

Former U.S. Attorney Gen., Janet Reno, Elián González, and Davidians- Waco, Texas.

We should all learn to think for ourselves. The practice of believing in planted rumors/divide-and-conquer politics has to end. Janet Reno has paid-her-dues! She has fought every inch of the way (throughout, her career). She was harassed by everyone around her, including the President, but stayed focused and just did her job. She has always followed the Laws of our Country. She didn't give in to special interest groups, or play the "politics-as-usual" game. She was brave!

Don't let the conservatives, who are so full of anger over losing (after 12 years) to President Clinton, put Ms. Reno down because she is strong (or oh-my-gosh) a woman or because she worked for the Clinton Administration! Things will never change until people stop electing officials- who have the most money to spend, propaganda, or because of their last names (to govern us)!

The troubles which surrounded "Waco and Elian" were of the peoples own doings. They decided to give the Attorney General of the United States and the Laws of our Country, (the finger) their "go-to-hell" attitudes. That is what caused their grief, not Janet Reno. Ms. Reno gave them more time; opportunities, and consideration -than anyone else would have in the same situations.

The Davidian group would be just another religious organization today; they all would be alive, if their leader obeyed the Law. Janet Reno did not have those innocent people killed. It was their "leader" who murdered those poor people (who trusted him). He had no intentions of leaving his position as 'Lord and Ruler' over the group. He owned a frightening arsenal (of weapons), murdered innocent government employees, and was accused of sexually and physically abusing the children. He fathered children, as spreading "Gods' Seed" and ruled like a King. Hello, he was no victim; his followers were the victims of his rule. (The FBI said it must act immediately to protect the children. Janet Reno authorized, not ordered, the raid). Why isn't all of this information being spread all over the news!

The relatives of Elian would probably have him today, if they would have just followed the rules, the Law. Why did they send threats, and ignore the Law? "Maybe" Elian's father would have let Elian stay (or the whole family would have stayed) if Elian's relatives would have done things by the Law. It really was/is a fight between Castro and Cuban-Americans in Miami. Politics has put Janet, in the middle of it all. (If Elian is being held prisoner and it's so horrible in Cuba today, as his Uncle states, then why does his Uncle regularly visit his relatives in Cuba? How can any child be "better off" away from a loving parent)? It just isn't right for them to tranfer their hatred for Castro to Ms. Reno. We ALL have to follow the Law (well most of us); why couldn't the people involved in the Davidian cult and Elian situtations do the same?!

These are just my thoughts. I am "just" an average person, not rich, no connections, just an ordinary- American "sick and tired" of the B.S., in this State and in this Country. I believe in this Country, in the Laws, and most especially in JANET RENO (and others like her) who are strong, independent, and true to the job's they perform. Thanks.

L.M. J.D.

Roots of Character:

"Those who preserve their integrity remain unshaken by the storms of daily life. They do not stir like the leaves of a tree or follow the herd where it runs. In their mind remains the ideal attitude and conduct of living. This is not something given to them by others. It is their is a strength that exists deep within them."

--Anonymous Native American

The Two Faces of the Bushs and Republican Party

Family Values!
That's what's lacking today!
The GOP supports Family!

The GOP stands
for Upholding the LAW!

How Dare Clinton and Reno
Resue Elian
and reunite
him with his Father and Relatives!

The Relatives in Miami (Republicans)
were right to Ignore the Court Order
and hold Elian (a minor) Hostage!