Janet Reno's Priorities/

Prevention and early intervention efforts in steering children away from gangs, drugs and violence. She traveled the Country encouraging groups to give young-adults the opportunity to learn useful skills and for more adult mentors. She's fought against: cyber crimes, hate crimes, racial profiling and known for defending civil rights.

Reducing crime and violence by incarcerating serious, repeat offenders and finding alternative forms of punishment for first-time, non-violent offenders.

Campaigned for programs aimed at child, drug, and spousal abuse. She is dedicated to the enforcement of child- support laws and helping the disabled.

Using the law to ensure that the waters, land and skies of America are protected from pollution.

Reflecting a diverse government, enforcing civil- rights laws, helping senior citizens to be self-reliant and to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans.

Making integrity and professionalism the center of her life's work.

A few of her accomplishments:

A reform of the juvenile justice system and establishing a special court for drug offenses and first-time offenders.

Establishing a career criminal unit that worked with federal officials and local law enforcement to arrest and convict career criminals and sentencing them to stronger prison sentences.

Assisted in establishing the Miami Drug Court, which provides alternative punishment for nonviolent offenders with substance abuse problems. The Court has been a model for courts around the country.


Janet Reno spent most of her career in Public Service:

Staff Director, Judiciary Committee, Florida House of Representatives 1971-1972

Administrative Assistant to the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

She served as chairperson of the Florida Governor's Council for Prosecutors of Organized Crime 1979-1980

A member of the board of directors of the United Way of Dade County, 1979-1981.

State Attorney, of Dade County, Florida, 1978-1992
She achieved a distinguished record as State Attorney of Dade County, Florida (which includes the city of Miami).
During the 1980s, Reno worked against riots and escalating drug-related crime in Miami. She managed a $33 million a year budget, 900 employees and an annual caseload of 120,000.
Ms. Reno was re-elected State Attorney five times.

Ms. Reno was sworn into office as US Attorney General, on March 12, 1993. She served until 2001, making her the first female attorney general and longest serving attorney general in the 20th Century.

On October 7, 2000, Reno was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York.