Janet Reno's Priorities/ Accomplishments / History / Experience:

Making integrity and professionalism the center of her lifes work.

Janet Reno directed the country's law enforcement efforts to domestic national security concerns, civil rights, children & spousal abuse protections, and laws concerning the information technology revolution.

~Dreams of Janet Reno~

Ms. Reno believes in the prevention and early intervention efforts of steering children away from gangs, drugs and violence.

She traveled the Country encouraging groups to give young-adults the opportunity to learn useful skills and for more adult mentors.

Directed the country's law enforcement efforts to domestic national security concerns.
~The Big Picture~

Assisted in establishing the Miami Drug Court,
which provides alternative punishment for nonviolent offenders with substance abuse problems. The Court has been a model for courts around the country.

~Americas: US success in war against drugs~ (1998)

Campaigned for laws and programs aimed at drug and spousal abuse, safe drug-free schools, child-support, and helping the disabled.

~Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools~

~Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Ms. Reno supports using the law to ensure that the waters, land and skies of America are protected from pollution.

~For A Healthy Environment~

~Reno urges fight against terror~

~Janet Reno Statement: Terrorism~

Ms. Reno has advocated and implemented the need to help meet the 21st century with a criminal-justice structure that not only tackles the new challenges presented by technology but also ensures that "people control the technology and technology does not control the people.

~Technology to Serve Not Rule~

~Children and the Internet~

She has fought against: cyber crimes, hate crimes, racial profiling, and known for defending civil rights.

Reducing crime and violence by incarcerating serious, repeat offenders and finding alternative forms of punishment for first-time, non-violent offenders.

~Hate Crimes~

Despite her opposition to capital punishment,
during her 15-year tenure as Dade County's district attorney, Reno used her prosecutorial prowess to win a record 103 death sentence convictions.

Janet Reno believes in an individual's right to own firearms, as long as those people demonstrate the ability to use them safely.
She supported gun-safety measures as a member of the Clinton administration.

Operation Target, announced in October- by U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno.
It set up a task force of police and prosecutors to trace guns, crack down on "straw" purchasers who buy guns for those who aren't allowed to own them and encourage community groups to help combat gun violence.

~Operation Target aims at gun offenders~

In reflecting a diverse government, enforcing civil- rights laws, helping senior citizens to be self-reliant, understanding the needs of small business owners, and to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans.

~Arthur S. Flemming Award for National Achievement in Law, Aging and Social Policy.~


~Making America Safe~


"You really can change the world if you care enough.."
Marion Wright Edelman.