U. S. Attorney General, 1993-2001

State Attorney, Dade County, FL,

Partner, Law firm of Steel, Hector and Davis (Miami),  1976-1978

Administrative Assistant to the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida,   1973-1976

Staff Director, Judiciary Committee, Florida House of Representatives,  1971-1972

Partner, Law firm of Lewis and Reno,

Associate, Law firm of Brigham & Brigham,  1963-1967


She attended public schools in Dade County, FL.
She was the debating champion in high school.

Ms. Reno received her Bachelor's degree (Major: chemistry) from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY,  in 1960.
President of the Women's Self Government Association.

[She earned room and board as a waitress and dormitory supervisor].

She received her Law degree, from Harvard University School of Law, in 1963.



Public Official; Attorney



Birthplace: Miami, Fla.
Born: July 21, 1938

Enjoys kayaking, canoeing and hiking.

Hero: Former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy

Ms. Reno has had Parkinson's disease since 1995, but it does not affect her activities or job performance.

Time Line:


Janet Reno: ChildHood

Janet Reno is the eldest sister of four siblings.

Janet's father, Henry Reno, came to the United States from Denmark. Mr. Reno was a police reporter (forty-three years) at the Miami Herald; he died in 1967.

Jane Wood Reno, Janet's mother, after raising her children, became an investigative reporter for the Miami News. Mrs. Reno built the family home from scratch. Her influence helped Janet realize what "hard work" can accomplish. Janet's mother died in 1992 at age seventy-nine.

Jane Wood Reno and Janet

Book: "Janet Reno Doing the Right Thing"-
By Paul Anderson

...a Reno-watcher for the Miami Herald for a dozen years, is an unabashed admirer and does a creditable job of relating Reno's lively and unusual family history, from her immigrant paternal grandfather's casting aside of their classic Danish surname, Rasmussen, for Reno, an all-American moniker picked fresh off a map of the U.S., to Reno's wonderfully independent, eccentric, generous, and resourceful mother, who built the sturdy South Florida house Reno still calls home. Anderson tracks young Reno--tall, confident, and brilliant--through her years at Cornell as a chemistry major and at Harvard Law School where sexism was the norm. He also sums up her demanding, controversy-strewn years as Florida's state attorney, all the while praising her as a woman of little vanity and tremendous integrity, a "lifetime supporter of legal aid for the poor," a devoted and effective advocate for children, and an enthusiastic workaholic. Reno's compassionate but no-nonsense personality comes through loud and clear in this rapid sketch and welcome tribute, but we'll hope that there will be many more "firsts" for this outstanding woman and a more in-depth biography to chronicle them. Donna Seaman read more

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