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Jeb Bush has given his brother's presidency its first hint of scandal by going public to deny an affair. Read our guide to the best sites on the governor of Florida

Sarah Left Tuesday May 15, 2001 The Guardian

1. Jeb Bush - son to a former president, brother to the serving president, and governor to millions of frustrated voters - has publicly denied having an affair with one Cynthia Henderson , the head of Florida's department of management services.

2. Aside from being a trained lawyer, Ms Henderson was also a Playboy bunny in her pre-government years. The fact has not been universally appreciated in Florida .

3. Nor has it been appreciated by Jeb's stylish, Mexican-born wife, Colomba . Rumours have been doing the rounds in Tallahassee that Jeb may not run for another term as governor due to family pressures.

4. Sadly Columba is not in a position to point a manicured finger at Jeb for embarrassing the family. She was pulled up by US customs officials in 1999 for failing to declare $19,000 worth of booty from a Parisian shopping spree . The scandal kept late night talk shows in jokes for months.

5. Jeb was born into the Bush family during their years in oil-rich Midland, Texas . 6. When papa Bush became president, the spotlight also fell on his politically favourable sons. Many questioned the boys' business dealings , although the president was quick to defend his sons.

7. Jeb famously acted as a real estate consultant for Miguel Recarey , now a fugitive from US justice who has been spotted in Spain and Venezuela. The FBI would like to speak with Recarey about millions of dollars of Medicare fraud from his time in charge of one the country's largest health care organisations.

8. But neither Dad nor big brother George could save him from the wrath of those Florida voters who felt that many black and Jewish areas of the state had been disenfranchised to hand victory to the Republicans. The Florida election vote-count scandal led to Jeb banning the controversial punch cards. 9. Nevertheless some of the state's voters have kept up an impeachment campaign .

10. Maybe Jeb should follow George's lead and rely on appearances with his popular mother, Barbara Bush .

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