Ms. Reno Handled Many Controversial Decisions- Always Following the Rule of Law.
During her term she weathered criticism from Democrats for doing too much, and from the Republicans for doing too little, but held the office longer than any attorney general since the Eisenhower administration.


Former Attorney General, Janet Reno faced many controversial decisions, including the confrontation with the Branch Davidian religious cult in Waco, Texas, which ended after FBI agents attempted to force members of the cult out of the compound that then burned, killing many cult members.

Despite some attacks on Reno for this action, Reno won respect from average Americans by unflinchingly taking responsibility for the operation. Similarly, Reno made the difficult decision to raid the home of Elian Gonzalez's relatives so the six-year old Cuban could be returned to his father's custody. Again, some tried to second-guess Reno's decision, but she remained firm.


Elian Gonzalez:

There was an unfortunate immigration case in Nov. 1999;
a young Cuban boy, Elian Gonzalez, was rescued off the coast of Florida.
(His mother and stepfather were killed when their boat capsized).

Elian lived with relatives in Miami, who did not want the boy sent back to Cuba. Ms. Reno met with Elian's father and grandmothers, when they arrived in the United States. Elian's family (from Cuba) wanted him returned to them. Attorney General Reno sided with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, ruling that Elian should go back to his family. This decision has angered many Cuban-Americans who blame Ms. Reno for enforcing the Law, which gives responsible-parents of minors, the right to raise their own children.

"Miami relatives broke US law, by not giving Elian to his father. The INS determined that only Juan Miguel Gonzalez could speak for his son on immigration matters. From that moment, I could have taken action to return Elian to his father, but I did not. Instead, I gave the relatives a chance to challenge my decision in federal district court. They did, and the court sided with the government. That is why I finally directed the relatives to turn over the child nine days ago. When Lazaro Gonzalez didn't comply, parole and care was revoked. That means that for the past nine days, Lazaro Gonzalez has not had lawful custody of Elian. When the INS places an unaccompanied child into the care of an adult, that adult is required to comply with the directives of the INS. To maintain, as the Miami relatives did, that the INS somehow lacks authority over the immigration parole of a minor in the US, simply ignores the law."
Source: Press statement Reno on Elian Gonzalez Apr 22, 2000.

Whereas, family reunion and repatriation allowing children to grow up in the security of their families, a foundation of both U.S. and international immigration and civil rights laws;
Whereas, parents, unless they are shown to be abusive or neglectful have the right to raise their own children without interference;
Whereas, it is unconscionable and abusive to use a small child as a political pawn;

Source: ADA & INS, support for Janet Reno


Elian relatives defy Reno

For Reno, Elian Case Is Very Personal

Attorney-General's (Janet Reno)
explanation of the seizure of Elian Gonzalez

History of a father's fight

Woman of Steel"-She Just Did Her Job.

Excesses On Both Sides.

The Bush-Florida-Cuba connection


Republicans let their hatred of Clinton
cloud their judgment.

Branch Davidian in Waco, TX and Oklahoma City Bombing:

Ms. Reno’s involvements in both Branch Davidian in Waco, Texas and the Oklahoma City Bombing have brought her worldwide attention.

She and the Justice Department received criticism, when FBI agents raided the Branch Davidian religious cult. Reno didn't play "politics" she took full responsibility for what happened and offered to resign, but President Clinton rejected her offer.


Janet Reno Statement: Waco standoff


Guns Recovered at Branch Davidian Compound

The Tragedy at Waco

Waco, Reno, Quantico FBI Profiles of Extremists

Danforth-tells Reno she handled Waco 'exactly right"

The Oklahoma City Bombing

Public Polls:  Elian Gonzalez/WACO/Oklahoma City

The U.S. Justice Department (1997) accused Microsoft of violating-
1995 antitrust agreement.

The "Windows 95" operating system required consumers to load Microsoft's Internet browser-thus giving Microsoft a monopolistic advantage over other browser manufacturers. The trial judge, in late 1999, decided that Microsoft was a monopoly that had stifled competition.

Reno's Statement: Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft

Nader and Reno Take On Bill Gates

Attorney General Janet Reno rejected a call by Robert Conrad, head of the Justice Department Campaign Finance Task Force, for a special counsel to investigate Vice President Al Gore.

It concerned statements made to Justice Department officials during Mr. Gore's (1996) fund-raising activities. Janet Reno decided to side with other senior department officials (who contended further investigation was unwarranted).

Janet Reno criticizes GOP 'sound bites in call for Gore probe

Reno: No special prosecutor for Gore


Email Hoax: False claims against Janet Reno.

Janet Reno's (supposed) definition of a "cultist" during a "60 Minutes" interview.

Welcome To Christians United For The Truth-Janet Reno Hoax

Wen Ho Lee Case

Statement of Attorney General Janet Reno:

Attorney General Janet Reno refuses to apologize
for investigation

Asian Review

Miami not Waco or Ruby Ridge

"Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us,
nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves.
Let Us Have Faith That Right Makes Might, And In That Faith, Let Us, To The End, Dare To Do Our Duty As We Understand It."

~Abraham Lincoln


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